Crossroads of Twilight- Review

Oh no... I finally finished Book 10 in the WOT on my reread. I really don't remember having this much difficultly getting through this book as I had this time. Goddamn this is the epitome of the slog.

This review may have spoilers, but It should be pretty short so you shouldn't have much to worry about

Few things, I really couldn't care less about Faile being captured by the Shaido, I mean at least not 500 pages worth of it. Yes that may be an exaggeration but boy did this plot line get stretched paper thing. I just can't with these chapters.

This book is mostly a book of scheming, scheming from the Aes Sedai, scheming from the Asha'man, scheming from the Shaido.

I can't nitpick this book from the POVs because one single scene doesn't stand out from the rest of the book. Ok well maybe there is one substantial plot point but it happens at the end.

I don't wanna say this book was bad as it is WOT, but I just wish he set these pieces up interspersed with some more action or more brevity, or both. I would probably rate this the lowest of the series, as It does pick up in KOD, but still a bit slow.

And I'm sure I'm not alone in this thought but there is absolutely way too much time spent with the Shaido and Faile in this book but also in 9. Like ok we get it, really just want to see them wiped out at this point, but come on Perrin do Work son.

Necessary but pretty dull throughout, I'd give it a 3/5. Luckily each book just gets better as we go from here on out.