Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) Review

This review comes as a reread I decided to do after years and years of leaving these tomes on my shelf. I was planning on waiting till WOW was confirmed to be released but with the current over saturated market of subpar books being shoved in your face I thought it was a good idea to go and reread something that is closest I've read to a 5* book in awhile. Just opening this book back up and it brings up all the feels and you immediately get thrown back into Westeros. This I feel is what is the main difference between writing like this and basic fantasy books you see everywhere on twitter. It didn't take long at all to go back to the wall with Jon Snow or Kings Landing and get infuriated every time a Lannister is on the page, especially a certain Queen. Joffrey at least in the first half of this book isn't nearly as annoying but of course you still hate his character.

Kinda going off that thought another thing that separates GRRM from the pack is that your emotion response to each character is different and not black and white, the characterization is top tier and Its been difficult to find much other fantasy that fills this need. I was getting really burnt out on all the same stories over and over again. I'm not just talking about Western Medieval fantasy as you could argue that ASOIAF is just that, but fantasy that is poorly written and a lack in world-building, plot or both.

Gonna mention a few sidenotes here as I read this. Catelyn Stark is hard not to hate. She is such an asshole to Jon Snow and it gets really aggravating the shit she says to him before he takes up the black. He just takes it in stride, not so much as a snide comment back. Come on Jon!

It's definitely weird reading this a second time knowing what will happen and knowing that Littlefinger is such a little shit. Slippery as an eel that one is. I still am trying to figure why Robert didn't do anything to Jaimie when he killed Neds men and injured Ned. Like he's not THAT dense. He knows the Lannisters are snakes. Like nothing, just called it even stevens? bruh....

Oh poor stupid Ned, your honor and naivety got the best of you, of course they did.

Very interesting to note that Roberts Brothers aren't off fighting for control of the Iron Throne. Very different dynamic from the show, and much better. Can't recall how that changes as it's been more than a few years but looking forward to seeing that relationship become even more strained.

Overall this is one of the best first books in a series. I can definitely see the Robert Jordan and Tad Williams influence, but who came first? All three have their own unique way of taking these pieces and putting them together, but all three are awesome. Sometimes you gotta go back to the source to find an enjoyable book to read.

Having said that I'm working my way through Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne and Seven Deaths of an Empire... Will probably have a shorter review of The Only Good Indians up sometime in the next few weeks as well.

Thanks for being patient with me as life has been crazy. Thanks for reading.

Game of Thrones 5/5