General Update 10.27.22

This is the first real update post as opposed to a review but here goes. October has been a pretty successful month, the most successful in regards to reading so thats a positive. In the near future I will have more time to do things such as read of post book reviews so I am hoping reviews will be at a more regular frequency very soon.

Just wanted to mention a few things briefly. House of the Dragon and Rings of Power.

House of the Dragon- Instantly brings you back into the GOT universe and has stellar acting and over direction. The times jumps were a bit jarring but there wasn't a whole lot that could have been done about that due to the source material. Finale was great and the score, costumes and scenes were on point with HBO quality. Id give the first season a 4.5/5. It was better and more engaging that maybe I gave it credit before I watched it. Just sucks we have to wait two years for more.

Rings of Power- Jesus Christ, I don't know where to start. This was a hot train-wreck of a shitstorm. I went in cautiously optimistic, but after having seen WOT and that being mediocre at best, wasn't that excited about this. Well it didn't even meet my low expectations. The whole multiple storylines, ones that Amazon delightfully just made up were really cringe to watch. Galadriel had the same facial expression throughout the entire series, WTF was up with Elronds hair, like the elves were done so poorly and the dialogue was just bad that it wasn't enjoyable to watch. The best part of the show was the Orcs, give me an Orc spinoff cause it surely can't be worse than this. And of course that's who Sauron is. They didn't exactly make that hard to know from the get go. I still haven't watched the last episode because I just don't care about any of the characters or their fates, even the characters any LOTR fan knows, Galadriel, Elrond, Gil-Galad, hobbits (although they didn't even exist yet, was just added for nostalgia) played a role in the show the dialogue and the scenes were just so cringe that it was hard to pay attention. Also with a budget like they had I would expect the CGI to not be garbage, but it was. I could rant for longer on just how much of a stain this show is but suffice it say I'd give the first season a 2/5. This wasn't it, not by a long mile.

I do hope to get a few more reviews in the next week or so and keep up the pace. Im currently in the middle of 17 books, across all formats and that may sound crazy, which I've heard before but it is what it is. One of those books is House of Leaves and that sure is a Mindfuck, so stay tuned.