Paradise 1- David Wellington

First off, I would like to thank the great folks at Orbit/Hatchett and Angela Man for sending this ARC of Paradise 1 in exchange for an honest review. Having never heard of this book or author at first glance It was a good reprieve from the epic fantasy to read a horror-esque sci fi. It took me awhile but I finally remembered where I saw David Wellington before. He wrote a zombie fiction trilogy that I read about 15 years ago. I don't remember much other than enjoying it at the time. I still have the trilogy I may have to revisit them in the future once more. If interested in this book or any of his other books, which he has more than a few check out

Heres a blurb courtesy of his website


Earth’s first interstellar colony was a place for second chances. The planet of Paradise-1 welcomed anyone who wanted a fresh start. The conditions were primitive, the work was hard, but the colonists who made their home there looked happy, like they’d found new purpose.

Fourteen months ago they stopped talking to Earth.

Lieutenant Alexandra Petrova will lead a crew to find out why. The daughter of a hated politician, she thinks she’s being sent to the colony to get her out of the way. She’s only part right.

Zhang Lei is a doctor who watched every single person on the colony of Titan die. All of them except himself. He came back babbling about aliens and psychic parasites. Now he’s going to Paradise-1, because he may be the only person in the universe who can understand what’s happening.

They’ll be joined by a cocksure pilot and a robot who thinks humanity is past its best by date. None of them are ready for what they’ll find.

The thing that waits for them there can read their minds. It can put thoughts in their heads. And it hates human beings with an unholy passion.

So this story basically follows two main characters, Petrova and Zhang Lei. Right off the bat I felt like I liked Petrovas character but Zhangs not so much. I felt like as the book went on it flipped a little bit, with Zhangs character becoming more likable and interesting, and Petrova becoming less liked. I may be alone in that but the end led to an overall less enjoyment.

Premise of the story, going to a distant planet where humanity has lost communication with years ago to see how things are going. Ok I'm in. It didn't get too technical which is always more enjoyable when things actually happen so I was really enjoying this book up until the last 25% or so. Now I will say this. I still enjoyed reading this book. I liked the plot trajectory, the pace of this book was good and the characters, including the non human ones were great and fun to read. There were a few creepy scenes that make you shiver, but overall it was more scifi than horror, which is fine.

This may include spoilers below so don't read if you haven't read it yet.


I was on track on giving this book a solid 4 but the last stretch really was just that...a stretch... It took a long time to get to the end and even then they didn't even get to the planet. Gah that's what I was waiting for. What was this creature that was taking over and killing. Well find out next time... I really wish that 99% of this book didn't take place on a space ship. That's my only main gripe. Other petty things aren't worth noting and are personal taste, but the end felt a bit anticlimactic and was a tad dissapointing.

<<<<<>>>>>>> END SPOILER<<<<<>>>>>>>>

Overall I enjoyed this book and will most likely pick up the next book in the series when it comes out. I thought the characters were written well, the plot had a goal and the pace was good. My main issue was the ending but you may like it just fine. Definitely worth picking up if you like scifi and horror or a combination of the two.