Seasons of Albadone- Review- NO Spoilers

I would like to thank Christopher Warman, one of the two authors of this book for this signed copy I won from a give away he was holding on twitter. His handle is @ChrisRWarman, go give him a follow he's a nice enough guy.

You may have seen me mention Chris Warman so far but what about the other author on the book? Well, that's his wife, and they wrote this book together. While reading this book, I couldn't tell that two separate people wrote it, and I'm glad it wasn't obvious. That would be a major hurdle in continuity if there existed that disconnect. I have read my fair share of indie published books but tend to read and buy from the big publishers to a larger extent. In most cases I do see a difference in both the quality, and in the editing of said books, but this isn't true in every indie book, nor am I an expert in any sense of the word. I say this as I try not to hold indie published books to the same level. Circumstances are different, accessibility of resources varies greatly from Traditional to Indie and you can generally see the difference it makes.e

Having said that I enjoyed Seasons of Albadone by Christopher Warman and by Élan Marché... The end of the first section was a bit of a surprise but it was intriguing. Having said that I do wish more of the book focused on her character as opposed to others, one in particular. I'm going to avoid spoilers so take that as you may. Was this my favorite book of the year or top 5?10? No, I wouldn't say it is, but I will say this, I see the potential in these two, and it takes a lot, and I mean A LOT to write and publish your own book, kudos. I would enjoy seeing further world building as the glimpse into it didn't sate my hunger for Albadone. I thought given the constraints that the book had, both in terms of length and story line that it did a fine job with what was there. One thing of note that I liked is the mystical old fantasy feel I had a few times throughout the book. Yes, there were some cliche elements, but what book doesn't" I mean look at the most popular Fantasy book in social circles currently and you will see a lot of cliche elements....

I don't always give a star rating and I think it wouldn't help the authors If I did, not that it would be low mind you, but one wouldn't get the whole picture if I just gave a star rating. I would rather read this 10 times out of ten instead of revisiting other indie published works I've been unfortunate to come across. so to Mrs. Marche, congrats on the wedding mind you, and Mr. Warman, or Mr and Mrs. Warman, whichever you choose, keep writing, and I'll keep reading.