The Last House On Needless Street

This won't be as long of a review but like when there are good reviews I find it extremely necessary for readers, the publisher and the author to see what people didn't like. I'm sure people loved this book, but I was not one of them. I received this book from a drawing and was sent a paperback copy and a cool little pin as well. Big thanks to the Nightfire Imprint from Tom Doherty Books for the chance to read this.

Let me just say that I marked this as DNF at about the 80 page mark. I found myself skipping more than reading and when you do that what's the point in forcing yourself to read it? 

This is going to be more critical than positive so if you don't like reading reviews with real opinions don't read further. 

Let me briefly talk about the voice. I immediately was intrigued from talk of a past murder and some current events that could possibly be linked together. This interest ended here. It was hard to tell if the MC was just written badly or was written that way on purpose. The MC thoughts and actions weren't coherent and lent to him being difficult to read. 

When we went to the PoV of the devoutly religious cat this book really lost me. Absolutely don't have this as a POV. A cat having cat thoughts that are much more complex than an actual cats thoughts sprinkled with way too much religion really made it difficult to read further. 

And then we had chapters full of seemingly irrelevant childhood memories of the main character… I would hope that they would show as important later in the book but while reading them I wasn't convinced. 

I was immediately interested in the premise, but couldn't stand the MC nor his damn cat. The writing seemed meh at best and it didn't read like it was traditionally published. I am disappointed that it didn't hold my interest long at all, but I couldn't waste any more time with it. 

As if it needs to be said, all opinions are mine. Others may love this book and that's fine.