To Green Angel Tower Part 2

I had finished the first two books of this series as well as To Green Angel Tower Part 1 quite awhile ago so I don't have a review up, but I have recently finished this one and have since started on The Witchwood Crown as well as quite a few other books. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before but I tend to read based on emotion. As in I'll start a book, read 50 pages then pick up a different book. I am currently in the middle of no less than 20 books. This includes Kindle as it is very easy to just click on another book that seems interesting. Anyways onwards to the review at hand.

To Green Angel Tower Part 2.

I just want to start off by saying that any criticism that brings up word count or how long it took our protagonists to get back home I don't recognize as valid. It seems that people are forgetting what epic fantasy is. There are exceptions of course, but the amount of world-building we get from Tad Williams in all those pages more than accounts for the lengthy word count. Through most of the first book and even a tad (no pun intended) into the second book I didn't care for Simon. The way he kept ignoring or shutting down any talk of him being a man of legend destined for great things really gives me WOT vibes, but not in a bad way. I like how Simon develops from the beginning to the final installments, you really get the sense that he deserves what happens to him at the end of the book.

Even though this book was published in 1994, I really don't want to give spoilers out as with Tad's new series there will be new readers to his original series and I don't want that ruined. If you look at the book as a whole you get the picture of what Mr. Williams was looking to achieve. This last book was so large that it had to be split up into two. Could it have been shortened a little bit and tightened it up? It's really not my place to say as I think this book works perfectly as is. I did enjoy the ending but my only qualm, which is minor is that SPOILERS SPOILERS! SPOILERS!! AHEAD SPOILERS....


Heres a potential spoiler..

My only minor issue is that there is no large war between the Josua and Pyrates and the Norns. I do get it, as Elias is taken out of the picture but it still feels like there should have been something, as Josua was at his doorstep with his army. Just a little sidenote but the story doesn't feel like its missing anything, I was just waiting for that and it never happened.

Spoiler DONE

I think this series was wrapped up well and did a lot of things right. You can definitely see the parallels between this series, ASOIAF, and WOT, but they each go pave their own way and are enjoyable to read.

Sometimes you have to read a classic to get you out of your reading slump especially when all see on social media is people reading the new craze. When one review site gets a hold of it then it goes down the line with every single person giving it the same exact review and star rating. It can definitely get frustrating seeing people prop up trash books so if you are tired of seeing the same review ad nauseam for absolute garbage books go for a classic.

Note: This also goes both ways, but there is a lot of books published, especially Indie books that aren't even worth the paper they're written on. I will keep giving honest opinions since that trait is lacking these days.

To Green Angel Tower Part 2.

I'll give it a solid 4/5. Although i'd say closer to 4.5. Anxious to finish his sequel series and post that review as well.. It's been difficult lately to get reviews up and I apologize. I do hope to have one up for Empire's Ruin sooner rather than later, as well as Winterset Hollow and others especially NetGalley ARCs I need to get to.

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