Winterset Hollow

Better late than Never I would say. I meant to get this done and reviewed by December, but of course everything has been thrown into the blender

these last few years. Full time job and kids don't allow for much if any personal time. But I digress, Winterset Hollow. Lemme start by saying the author is a amenable chap who is very approachable, especially on Twitter @thisoneOverhere. Give him a follow and better yet read this book. I happened upon this chance I believe I won a copy on Twitter with some giveaway or sweepstakes and I'm glad I did.

I came into this knowing nearly nothing about this book other than the main protagonists liked a book with fictional animals playing a central role. I purposely didn't look up reviews or information. Given that, I knew it had a dark element to it, so of course I was committed.

At the onset I really didn't find any of the (Human Characters) likeable but that soon changed. The author was able to blend that characterization into the story in a seamless way that allowed you to sympathize with the characters. I found out that this is a debut novel albeit a little less than 300 pages. I would definitely be interested in seeing what he can output when given the page count to do so. This worked well as a palate cleanser and I was pleasantly surprised at the end. Yes, read this book. It's good and it reads better than a lot of Indie books on the market today.